Libyan Armed Forces Declare Cease-Fire, Tribes Plan Peace March

The Libyan armed forces leadership declared a nationwide cease-fire to take effect tonight.

“The armed forces has issued its command to all military units in Libya to safeguard the immediate cease-fire everywhere in Libya from 9 p.m.,” according to a statement read on Libyan television.

The armed forces’ statement came immediately after a call from a spokesman of the “Popular Social Leadership of Libya,’ described as an ‘‘umbrella’’ organization comprising all Libyan tribes, for an immediate ceasefire and a peace march to resolve the conflict between the warring sides.

A ‘‘historical, peaceful march’’ by all cities, towns and tribes in Libya, would take place, going from Tripoli to Benghazi in order to ‘‘exchange condolences,’’ with the victims of the unrest and ‘‘pronounce forgiveness,’’ the spokesman said in a statement read at the news conference in Tripoli.

Then all Libyans ‘‘could sit down as one family to discuss the affairs of our homeland and the future of Libya in a democratic and peaceful way,’’ the spokesman said.

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