Pakistan Hasn’t Granted Immunity to U.S. Diplomat

Pakistan hasn’t granted diplomatic immunity to Raymond Davis, the U.S. consulate worker in Pakistan accused of murder in the deaths of two Pakistanis, according to an administration official.

The U.S. continues to assert that Davis falls under the legal protections regularly accorded to diplomats in foreign countries, the official said on condition of anonymity because he wasn’t authorized to speak publicly on the matter. Pakistan argues that these protections don’t apply to Davis.

President Barack Obama said today that Pakistan should grant Davis immunity from prosecution in a case that has triggered street protests in Lahore. The U.S. government contends that Davis, who has been held since Jan. 27, acted in self-defense when he was approached by robbers.

Senator John Kerry, a Massachusetts Democrats and chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, expressed sorrow for the deaths during a visit to Pakistan today. He urged Pakistani officials to focus on the broader challenges they face, which includes the battle against militants on the border with Pakistan.

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