Schmidt’s Tenure as Google Chief Executive Officer: Timeline

The following timeline details Eric Schmidt’s tenure as Google Inc.’s chief executive officer from 2001 to 2011. The company announced yesterday that Schmidt will become executive chairman, ceding the CEO position to co-founder Larry Page.

March 2001: Then outgoing Novell Inc. CEO, Schmidt becomes chairman of Google’s board.

August 2001: Schmidt becomes CEO of Google, when it has a workforce of about 200. Page is named president of products, and Sergey Brin president of technology.

February 2002: Major update to AdWords sees Google start to auction off search keywords based on cost-per-click pricing.

September 2002: Google News begins.

March 2003: Google announces content-targeted advertising service, enabling publishers to access its vast network of advertisers. The service later gets the name AdSense.

March 2004: Google begins testing its Gmail e-mail service. The company’s 800 employees move into new headquarters, known as “Googleplex,” in Mountain View, California.

August 2004: Google’s Dutch auction initial public offering bypasses investment banks by delegating shares directly to the public. At $1.92 billion, it still ranks as the biggest Internet company IPO.

February 2005: Google Maps goes live.

January 2006: Google goes live in China.

June 2006: Oxford English Dictionary adds “google” as a verb. Google Checkout payment feature introduced.

November 2006: Google buys video site YouTube for $1.65 billion.

March 2007: Viacom Inc. files $1 billion lawsuit against Google for content being posted on YouTube.

November 2007: Google announces creation of the Android mobile-phone operating system.

March 2008: Google wins approval of its $3.1 billion acquisition of display-advertising company DoubleClick Inc. after a months-long antitrust investigation.

September 2008: Google introduces Chrome Internet browser to challenge Microsoft’s Internet Explorer. The first Android-based phone is unveiled by T-Mobile. It goes on sale a month later.

April 2009: Google announces a change to its search function so that local results are displayed even if the person doesn’t give a location.

July 2009: Google’s Gmail, calendar, document and phone features are released for enterprise customers.

August 2009: Schmidt resigns from Apple board amid increased competition between the two companies.

January 2010: Google says it may shut down its China website after a sophisticated cyber attack. The company also introduces a touch-screen mobile phone called Nexus One to compete with the iPhone.

May 2010: Google completes $750 million purchase of mobile-advertising company AdMob.

July 2010: Google announces $700 million takeover of flight-information provider ITA Software Inc., a deal now subject to antitrust review.

January 2011: Google announces Schmidt will step down as CEO of the company, which now has more than 24,000 employees, to become executive chairman. Larry Page will take over the role on April 4.

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