‘Sexiest Man’ Leaves U.S. FCC to Join Public Television Series

Yul Kwon, who once was named one of People magazine’s sexiest men, has left his job as a consumer advocate at the Federal Communications Commission to become host of a public television series, the agency said.

Kwon, deputy chief of the consumer and governmental affairs bureau since 2009, left the agency Jan. 7, the FCC said in a news release today.

He was one of the more than two dozen non-lawyers and beyond-the-Beltway employees FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski hired to create “a vibrant marketplace of ideas” that helps the agency “get to the best policies,” Genachowski said in an interview in 2009.

Kwon, 35, made People’s list of sexiest men in 2006, the year he won the CBS Corp. reality show “Survivor,” which pits contestants against one another in isolated locales. He has degrees from Stanford University and Yale Law School, and worked at one time in Google Inc.’s business strategy and operations group.

Working at the FCC was a “a deeply rewarding experience,” Kwon said, according to the news release.

Kwon will become host of “America Revealed,” a Public Broadcasting Service series to be broadcast this fall featuring aerial photography, the agency said.

-- Editors: Allan Holmes, Anthony Gnoffo

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