Retiring Senator Gregg Sees More Moderate Congress in 2011

Retiring Republican Senator Judd Gregg said the new U.S. Congress in 2011 will have a more moderate political tone and perhaps pave the way for compromises on tax or energy policy.

“Governing is about compromise,” Gregg, of New Hampshire, said in a radio interview on “Bloomberg Surveillance” with Tom Keene. It’s not about “shouting at the other side if you don’t agree.”

Gregg is retiring from the Senate after serving since January 1993.

Republicans take control of the House in January and increase their votes in the Senate. Gregg, 63, said that for 2011, that means “they start to govern from the middle instead of from the far left.”

He said the election results caused President Barack Obama to compromise on a tax deal with Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell, of Kentucky, and incoming Republican House Speaker John Boehner, of Ohio. He said there may be more moderation in other areas such as energy or tax policy, though he wasn’t specific.

“If he’s going to govern,” Gregg said, referring to Obama, “he’s going to have to come more to the middle.”

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