By Shraddha Kothari

Dec. 6 (Bloomberg) -- Following is a table showing certificate of deposits dealt by Indian companies.The data has been provided by NVS Brokerage Ltd and Trust Financial Consultancy Services

Date      Security      Mty Date       Qnty   Rate    Buyer        Seller
6-Dec-10  CANARA        Sep-11                9.1
6-Dec-10  AXIS          9-Mar-11       25     8.81    AXIS MF      BAJAJ AUTO
6-Dec-10  SBT           1-Oct-11       50     8.28    SARASWAT     BAJABJ LIFE
6-Dec-10  UCO           16-Dec-10      50     7.15    CAN MF       TATA MF
6-Dec-10  BOI           8-Sep-11              9.2     OM KOTAK     BAJAJ AUTO
6-Dec-10  SBT           2-May-11              9.03    CREDIT AGRI  OM KOTAK

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