Yahoo’s Bartz Says Company Can Co-Exist With Facebook, Google

Yahoo! Inc. Chief Executive Officer Carol Bartz comments on the company’s strategy on acquisitions and advertising. Bartz spoke in an interview yesterday for Fortune magazine’s Most Powerful Women Summit in Silicon Valley, California.

On display advertising:

“Content sites, media sites are actually up. Mail is down. The thing we have to think about, this is an ‘and’ not an ‘or’ situation. People go to Facebook and Yahoo and Google. You don’t just spend your life on one space on the Internet, there’s reasons to go through all places.”

On Yahoo’s acquisition strategy:

“If we can get good technology and technologists, good content or new users -- we bought the largest site in the Arabic-speaking world -- that’s really our content strategy. It’s not about ‘is it big, is it small.’"

On plans to boost earnings:

‘‘We are in the middle of a big recession. Lots of people are struggling with revenues. The deal with Microsoft, they get 12 percent of the search revenue. So right away, that’s a plan. We also shut down some businesses.”

“Our display business grew 18 percent, search is down. That’s part of the reason for the alliance.”

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