North Korea ‘Missiles in Iran’ Evoke Skepticism, Wash. Post Says

The assertion that North Korea has supplied Iran with 19 medium-range Musudan missiles, which was prompted by the release of U.S. diplomatic cables on the WikiLeaks website, has provoked skepticism among experts and a senior U.S. intelligence official, the Washington Post reported.

There is no sign that the missile is operational or has been tested, the newspaper said, adding that some of its informants doubt that the missiles have been supplied to Iran.

The Musudan was unveiled at a North Korean military parade on Oct. 10, but experts who analysed photographs of the event said the missile appeared to be a mock-up, the Post said.

A document on WikiLeaks summarized a meeting that took place on Dec. 22, last year between U.S. and Russian officials as part of a bilateral program to monitor possible missile threats from Iran and North Korea; the Russians said the U.S. was exaggerating the threat posed by Iran’s missile program, the newspaper said.

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