Iran Holds 4 U.A.E Nationals For Hunting Rare Bird, PressTV says

Iran’s Environment Protection Organization arrested four United Arab Emirates nationals for hunting an endangered bird in the country’s western Ilam province, state-run Press TV reported.

The individuals, who were not identified, were caught on Nov. 29 after a three-day investigation, Qassem Dianattalab, head of the agency’s branch in Ilam said, according to Press TV.

Officers of the bureau confiscated items including a shotgun, a falcon tracking device, a walkie-talkie, falcon blinders and “other evidence” that they had been hunting the Houbara Bustard bird, he said.

The report didn’t say if the men had caught the 10 Houbara Bustards alive or had killed them, saying only that the birds are “highly prized” in the U.A.E.

The Houbara Bustard is on the brink of extinction, Press TV said.

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