Sales of 1-Ounce American Silver Coins Soar, U.S. Mint Says

Sales of 1-ounce American Eagle silver coins are headed for the strongest month since at least May, the U.S. Mint said.

About 3,175,000 of the coins have been sold this month, compared with 3,633,500 in May, according to data on the Mint website. Silver futures in New York touched a 30-year high of $29.34 an ounce on Nov. 9.

American Eagle coins also are available in gold and platinum. The Mint said 62,500 ounces of gold Eagles have been sold in November.

A silver Eagle cost $27.63 today, up $2.035 from the spot price, Bloomberg data show. A 1-ounce American Eagle gold coin sold for $1,401.74, up $64.99 from the spot price.

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