Tijuana Marijuana Bust Largest in Mexico’s History, Poire Says

Mexican authorities carried out the biggest marijuana bust in the country’s history yesterday, the government’s security spokesman Alejandro Poire said.

The 105 tons of marijuana seized yesterday in Tijuana were bound for the U.S., Poire told reporters in Mexico City. The drugs were confiscated by soldiers and police in pre-dawn raids in three neighborhoods, Mayor Jorge Ramos said in an interview yesterday.

“We’re making a very important effort in the confiscation and eradication of this illicit product,” Poire said in Mexico City.

Mexico has impounded more than 7,400 tons of marijuana this year as part of President Felipe Calderon’s fight against drug cartels, Poire said. Drug-related violence in Mexico has killed more than 28,000 people since Calderon took office in late 2006, including politicians and police chiefs.

Ramos said the country needs to overhaul its court system to guarantee success in the war on drug cartels. As mayor of Tijuana, Ramos fired 600 police suspected of corruption in a period of 22 months, and 200 of them were imprisoned, he said.

“The same practice should be applied to the court system,” he said. “To clean up, to purge, to hold accountable those who collaborate with criminals.”

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