Nasdaq ’Threshold’ Securities for Oct. 5

The following is a list of “threshold securities” from the Nasdaq Stock Market, published daily in compliance with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s Regulation SHO.

The list consists of stocks for which sellers failed to deliver 10,000 shares or more in the past five trading days and the level of “fails” is a minimum of 0.5 percent of the shares outstanding. Securities are listed alphabetically by ticker.

                                                Consecutive Days
Ticker  Security Name                                    on List
ABWTQ   ABITIBIBOWATER, INC.                                  10
ADPAA   ADELPHIA RECOVERY TRUST OTHER                          1
AVARF   Avalon Rare Metals, Inc. Ordin                         2
BANID   BANNEKER INC. NEW  COMMON STOC                         8
BGMO    BERGAMO ACQUISITION CORPORATIO                         2
BLOAQ   BLOCKBUSTER INC CL-A                                   6
                                                Consecutive Days
Ticker  Security Name                                    on List
CCME    CHINA MEDIAEXPRESS HOLDINGS IN                         7
CHNG    China Natural Gas, Inc. New Co                         5
CLRH    CLEAR-LITE HOLDINGS, INC COMMO                         1
CSWI    COMPUTER SOFTWARE INNOVATIONS,                         2
CU      FIRST TRUST ISE GLOBAL COPPER                         12
CYRX    CRYOPORT INC NEW COMMON STOCK                          9
FNMA    FANNIE MAE                                             7
GBBFF   GOLD BULLION DEVELOPMENT CORP                         12
GXEXF   GEOLOGIX EXPLORATIONS INC (CAN                         7
HLXW    Helix Wind, Corp. Common Stock                        55
KSKTF   KISKA METALS CORP ORD SHS (CDA                         2
LGORF   LARGO RESOURCES LTD                                    5
MDHI    MEDICAL ALARM CONCEPTS HLDG IN                        14
ORNID   ORAGENICS INC                                          3
OSIIF   OSI Geospatial Inc. Ordinary S                        13
OXIS    OXIS INTERNATIONAL INC-NEW                             3
PCBC    PACIFIC CAPITAL BANCORP NEW                           35
                                                Consecutive Days
Ticker  Security Name                                    on List
PKOL    POWERSHARES GLOBAL COAL PORTFO                         3
PLLVF   PALLADON VENTURES LTD                                  4
QADMF   QUADRA FNX MNG LTD COM SHS (CD                         7
RFIL    RF INDUSTRIES LTD                                      5
SCPZF   SPROTT RESOURCE CORP ORD SHS (                         7
SFOR    Strikeforce Technologies, Inc.                         8
SIDNF   SIDON INTL RESOURCES CORP(F)                           3
SQQQ    PROSHARES ULTRAPRO SHORT QQQ                          73
STVZF   SILVERCREST MINES INC                                 10
SWKH    SWK HOLDINGS CORPORATION. COMM                        16
SXRZF   URANIUM ONE INC ORD SHS (CANAD                        19
THMRQ   THORNBURG MTG INC COM NEW (MD)                        11
TRXOF   Terrane Metals Corp. Ordinary                         10
VCIT    VANGUARD INTERMEDIATE-TERM COR                         7
VCSH    VANGUARD SHT-TERM CORP BD ETF                          5
WNWG    WENTWORTH ENERGY INC NEW                               8
YNGFF   YUKON-NEVADA GOLD CORP                                29
SOURCE: Nasdaq
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