Fidel Castro to Publish Book Account of His Revolutionary Youth

Former Cuban President Fidel Castro plans to release an autobiography next month about the years leading up to his 1959 revolution, which ushered in five decades of communist rule on the island.

The book, called “The Strategic Victory,” narrates Castro’s early years in 25 chapters, including photos, maps and illustrations of combat weapons, Castro wrote today in a “Reflections” column published on the Cuba Debate website. He didn’t say who will publish the book.

“I didn’t want to wait for others to eventually publish the responses to the innumerable questions about my childhood, adolescence and young adulthood, periods that turned me into a revolutionary and armed combatant,” he wrote.

The book’s planned release comes as the 83-year-old Castro returned to the public eye this month, giving his first television interview in at least three years. Castro oversaw the transfer of power to his brother Raul following his abdominal surgery in 2006.

“I worked months on this project after my grave illness, and now I’m excited to continue writing the sequel to this story,” Castro wrote.

Castro appeared yesterday at the celebration of Cuba’s Revolution Day, government newspaper Granma reported. The former strongman, dressed in a military-style green shirt, called for a meeting of Cuban leaders to discuss foreign affairs, including the U.S. conflicts with Iran and North Korea, according to Granma.

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