Save Joven, Sad Pit Bull, Waiting for You at N.Y. Kill Shelter

Pit bull Joven
Joven is a two-year-old male pit bull mix weighing 48 pounds. He was found abandoned on a third floor balcony of a building on 8th Avenue in Manhattan, and is currently available for adoption. Source: Manhattan Animal Care & Control via Bloomberg

Joven, a neutered 2-year-old male pit bull mix, was rescued from a building on Eighth Avenue.

The 48-pound sweetie came to New York’s Animal Care & Control, the city’s largest rescue and adoption agency. He gets food, shelter and TLC, yet Joven’s days there are numbered.

Have a drink tonight and extend a helping hand to Joven and his friends at the AC&C. Every year, the shelter does its best to protect and find homes for about 40,000 dogs and cats that come through its doors.

But that’s a lot of critters and the agency is condemned to euthanize many.

The fundraiser tonight features Andy Troy, radio show host on the Centanni Broadcasting Network, and Maria Milito of New York radio’s Q104.3.

The event will be held at BLVD, a nightclub on the Lower East Side with 18,000 square feet and seven rooms spread over two floors.

There’ll be cheap booze, free entertainment and admission, and lots of people you want to meet with a $5 drink in your hand. Raffle prizes include a three-day all-inclusive stay at Cove Haven Entertainment Resorts in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania; an original lithograph of an 1898 Harper’s magazine cover by Edward Penfield; and a $300 gift certificate to Saks Fifth Avenue.

Dog Dates

Adoptable animals like Joven will greet you at the door. Consider Layla, a 3-year-old female long-hair Chihuahua mix. Some bad person left her tied to a fence near Bruckner Boulevard.

Then there’s sweet-tempered Bella, a 2-year-old female beagle mix, who was roaming the streets. She would be perfect for a more-active family that can give her the exercise this breed needs.

Archie, a jet-black Chihuahua mix would also like a human companion. He’s about 18 months old.

You can bring your own dog. Raffle tickets will be sold by the ladies of Tall Outstanding Women, a charity-awareness organization that boasts a 6-foot minimum height requirement for membership. Conclusion: Even if your date is a real dog, this is a big night out.

Help Me Please

Ultimately, of all the breeds, pit bulls and pit bull mixes, like Joven, often need the most help. Of the 38 adoptable dogs listed on the New York City AC&C’s website, 30 are “pit bull terriers” or “pit bull mixes,” often perceived as dangerous despite the fact that there is no clear evidence to support that opinion.

Many insurance companies will not insure a house or apartment if there’s a pit bull in residence, in part due to the association with dog fighting and violence.

Football player Michael Vick, of course, is a notorious example of pit bull abuser. He bet on dog fights and yet returned to the game after a brief stay behind bars.

“They have a P.R. problem. The 24/7 news cycle is partly to blame,” said Stacy Coleman, executive director of Animal Farm Foundation Inc. in Bangall, New York, which is devoted to pit bulls and their problem.

“When you go to a shelter, consider all dogs and get to know them as individuals,” Coleman said.

Don’t write off a pit because it doesn’t look like a poodle.

The AC&C fundraiser is from 6 to 11 p.m. tonight at 199 Bowery. For more information on the event: +1-917-754-4329. Go to for more dogs and cats.

Animal Farm Foundation,, offers educational and financial support, on-site internships and classes, and has a small shelter.

(Alix Greenwald is an intern at Muse, the arts and leisure section of Bloomberg News. The opinions expressed are her own.)

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