Suzlon Energy Sees ’Great Potential’ for Middle East Wind Power

Suzlon Energy Ltd., India’s largest wind-turbine maker, sees “great potential” for wind power in the Middle East, especially the windiest countries Iran, Egypt, Morocco and Oman, the chairman said.

“I see great potential in the Middle East because its carbon emissions are among the highest in the world,” Tulsi Tanti said in an interview in Manama today. “But governments need to set a legal framework and tariffs for wind farms, and targets to cut emissions.”

The Middle East has potential to generate 10-20 gigawatts of wind power in the next 20 years, compared with 100 gigawatts in Europe and as much as 200 gigawatts in Asia in the next decade, Tulsi said. It costs about $2 million per megawatt to generate wind power, while solar power is four times as costly, he said.

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