I believe that one of the most overlooked details in business is an organization’s ability to communicate internally and make sure everyone is aligned and on the same page. In my experience, it’s fairly common to talk to multiple people from the same organization and to get different answers to the same question. When this occurs, it’s evident that an adequate amount of internal communication isn’t taking place. I like to start the communication process by making sure my team can uniformly and consistently answer the following two key questions:

1. What are we building? Every business is trying to build something, whether it’s a product or service. If you or your team can’t answer what your purpose is, you’ll never be able to explain it or sell it to a potential customer.

2. Why are we building it? Besides making money, every company is trying to build or offer something that adds value to a potential clientele. If you can successfully answer the question of what benefit the product offers or what issue the product solves, your company will prosper and make money.

Communication is always to blame when things go wrong, and in my opinion, rightfully so. If you’re not communicating effectively, often the margin of error increases and effectiveness and success suffer.

Steve Jones General Manager and Vice-President of the CodecSys Division Broadcast International Salt Lake City

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