You’ve found the needle in the haystack and gone through onboarding and orientation. Now what? The first 90 days of employment are critical for both employers and their new employees. This is the time for your business to establish its commitment to the new hire by showing that you are prepared for them to have a distinct role within the company.

Making sure this happens is not just the role of HR. In fact, management can play a key role in making the new employee feel welcome as a member of the staff during the first three months of employment. Here are a few key activities for management to undertake:

1. Engage the new employee by asking how things are going and making the time to take them to lunch or coffee, even if it’s just in the office.

2. Maintain an open-door policy and ensure that this is communicated to every employee, not just the new hire.

3. In addition to a regular touch-base, ensure the new employee’s direct manager conducts a review at the end of the first 90 days.

4. Sponsor and organize company get-togethers—anything from a movie in the conference room to a ski trip or a wine-tasting event can bring the staff together and encourage a team atmosphere.

It is the role of the entire company—including management—to ensure that each new employee is welcomed and established in their position. Having well-defined roles and activities for management during the first 90 days of employment will ease the transition for new employees, giving them a sense of belonging, helping them produce results faster, and, in the end, making the organization successful.

Laila Rossi CEO Platinum Solutions Reston, Va.

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