ID Magazine Closes--A Huge Loss for Innovation and Design

I just came back from a month in Singapore, Korea and China where mayors, Presidents, CEOs, advertisers and university provosts are all promoting design to build more creative societies to see ID Magazine fold. It just breaks my heart and boils my blood. ID is a five-time National Magazine Award winner (under then editor-in-chief Chee Pearlman) that has covered the evolution of design for decades. Along with the IDEA awards from the IDSA, the ID annual design awards are among the best in the US (it will now go online). The fact the ID couldn’t find enough advertising to keep it going reflects the ongoing failure of American business culture to understand, value and support creativity and innovation.

Asia is literally spending billions of dollars to promote design through magazines, contests, conferences, new educational programs. The President of Singapore personally gives out design awards every years in his official residence. Mayors vie with one another to launch design schools or bring US and European design schools to their city. The mayor of Incheon is building a Milano City to promote design and creativity.

Certainly we have many wonderful design and innovation online sites. My favorite, of course, is the Innovation & Design channel, which I launched with Jessie Scanlon and is managed by the brilliant Helen Walters. Core77 is terrific, as is Design Observer, Designboom, and Fast Company.

Yet you can pick up a dozen design-based magazines in Shanghai or Seoul or Singapore, fat with advertising. What is wrong with the US?

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