[I’m going to work baked goods into the link roundup headline whenever I can…]

The WSJ proves there’s room for innovation everywhere with Barry Newman’s page one look at efforts to build a better bagel slicer.

IPOs are expected to pick up in 2010, including clean tech companies and possibly Facebook, Steve King reports at Small Business Labs.

Marketing has to be baked into the product, First Round Capital’s Josh Kopelman writes.

Let your customers set your prices: Springwise shows how one South African winemaker did it. (H/t Becky McCray.)

Most people with employer-based health insurance won’t see premiums rise because of health reform, the Congressional Budget Office finds. (PDF here.) Individual buyers may pay more for more comprehensive coverage, but proposed subsidies could save them much more, writes Daniel Costello at NPR’s Planet Money.

How the SBA uses technology: an interview with CTO Paul Christy on Federal News Radio.

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