Improve Technology Performance While Cutting Costs

Many companies are taking advantage of new technology to cut costs and enable their organizations to do things faster and better. If any of your business communications systems need to be replaced or upgraded, going virtual and getting them from the cloud can help conserve capital, reduce operating expenses, boost productivity, and mitigate risk. Here are some examples:

1. Hosted telephone systems provide robust features that can boost productivity without the need for capital. Many services can also lower your voice and data spending as well.

2. If you are looking to update your current e-mail, you can most likely do it faster, better, and cheaper with hosted solutions such as Hosted Microsoft Exchange without the need for additional IT staff, training, or capital for software and servers.

3. Customer Relationship Management software can be virtualized, too. There are many options—both general and industry specific—that enable you to "rent" your back office, rather than purchasing complex software and hardware to run it.

4. Throw away your backup tapes and the problems they create. A cost-effective solution is to have your IT staff back up your data remotely.

5. Already an option for larger companies, smaller businesses are now virtualizing their data centers to increase network performance and reduce costs.

Benefits from the above services are real. In addition to those already mentioned, you can also cut your power, cooling, and real estate bills, get greener, and increase application security, scalability, and stability.

Guy Fardone COO and General Manager Evolve IP Wayne, Pa.

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