We’re all about home offices this week. Jay Greene wrote about his recent experience setting up shop at home and I put together a slideshow on the Art of the Home Office.

Well, we got to thinking… What does your home office look like? Is it quirky, fun, or unique? Does it resemble last century’s studies, filled with leather-bound books that tower over a corner mini-bar? Or perhaps you like a modern, efficient, minimalist look?

Send us photos of your home office! Include a line or two about your favorite aspect of the space, why you chose a particular piece of furniture or technology, or anything else you think is interesting.

We’ll have a design expert check out your entries and critique several of them, offering tips for improvement. Also, we’re going to feature some of your workspaces alongside those of a few famous CEO offices in a coming feature story.

After you snap a few pics, send them to me at Damian_Joseph@BusinessWeek.com

Please, only send images you own. And don’t send anything you wouldn’t want your mom to see. Thanks in advance~

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