Last week I spoke with Savile Row tailor Richard Anderson who had recently published his book: Bespoke: Savile Row Ripped and Smoothed, his insider account of the world of men’s tailoring. In an era of outsourcing, ready-to-wear, and mass production, Savile’s dedication to centuries-old, labor intensive, hand-crafted traditions would appear to be outmoded – particularly in a time of economic distress. An article in the AP today looks at this elite world on one of London’s most famous streets and asks:

“Can clubby Savile Row tailors really survive in the Age of Bling? Can they cope when older, suit-wearing customers retire to the countryside, replaced by a younger generation that never learned how to tie a Windsor knot? And how do they weather a recession when a custom-made suit starts at about 3,000 pounds ($4,800) and quickly shoots into the stratosphere?”
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