The CMO CLUB Weekly Poll Question:

As CMO if you could add one new organizational responsibility to your role, what would it be?

106 CMOs responded:

Product Marketing 34% Sales 28% Customer Service 17% Don’t want Additional Responsibilities 15%

Other 6%

A few Quotes from CMOs in the club who responded:

“We are too much driven by product feature/function in our messaging and programs. I want the product marketing group so we can develop more strategic and company branding relationships vs. next new bells and whistles.”

“I had both marketing and sales in my last position and feel having both here would help with the consistency of our customer experience plus hold marketing more accountable for sales enablement.”

“I don’t have Customer Services Expertise but if I had that group it would improve my team’s understanding of how our customers are dealing with our products plus allow me to train and motivate customer service to help build our relationships with our customers and our brands.”

“Are you kidding, I have enough issues with what’s on my plate now for driving the growth agenda for the company. I don’t need to take on other organizations at this time.”

About The CMO Club: The CMO Club’s mission is to provide an exclusive peer to peer Chief Marketing Officer network that enables CMOs to help each other become better at what they do. CMOs in a non-selling “give to get” club with CMOs only dinners, online network and conferences.

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