In Which GM’S New Marketing Head Unwittingly Details The Problem

The sharp-eared Mickey Kaus picked up on this (scroll down to the fourth item). The following is from an on-air interview with NPR’s Robert Siegel with GM’s veteran top executive Bob Lutz last week. Lutz is foregoing retirement—he had previous plans to step down as vice-chairman—in order to help rework GM’s advertising and communications/public relations:

Mr. LUTZ: [W]here we really messed it up and took our eye off the ball in terms of product was in ’70s, ’80s and early ’90s. And I think we’ve - in the last five or six years - we’ve had a radical transformation in the way we approach the product and our goals for products and look at the awards we’ve gotten. We got car of the year.

SIEGEL: But when you take your eye off the ball for more than 20 years…

Mr. LUTZ: Yeah, well, that was bad. …

The entire NPR segment can be found here.

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