Apple's $800 Tablet: Is The Price Right?

Rumor has it that Apple might be close to releasing its own tablet computer as early as October. The device may cost $800. Would you buy the tablet for this price?

Rumor has it that Apple might be close to releasing its own tablet computer. A source tells me that such a product has been developed. And others are reporting that the device might become available as early as October and cost $800.

This price should ensure that the tablet doesn’t cannibalize sales of Apple’s existing products. The tablet will cost substantially less than Apple’s existing notebooks, and likely offer substantially fewer features, thus ensuring that professionals who buy Apple’s notebooks today continue to stick with them. But the tablet might attract new categories of users, such as high-school and college students who might not have been able to afford Apple’s products before, to the company’s wares.

The $800 price point would also ensure that the tablet won’t cannibalize sales of much-cheaper iPhones and iPods, which arguably offer many of the same functionalities but feature much smaller screens. Apple declined to comment on rumors.

Would people pay $800 for an Apple tablet? That’s the big question. Tablets from pioneers like Nokia haven’t taken off in a big way. And many people may opt for $250 netbooks from rivals, instead. What do you think? Would you pay the $800 price?

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