If you’re finding that protecting your organization’s network and data is becoming increasingly challenging, consider outsourcing your security. Managed security service providers (MSSPs) can offer a cost-effective alternative to trying to manage the security yourself. There are four primary reasons to consider using a MSSP:

1. MSSPs have the security expertise that many smaller companies lack. MSSPs can provide guidance on what types of defenses you need and how those defenses should be deployed. Not only are they security experts but in many cases they can also provide assistance with any regulatory mandate that you may be trying to comply with.

2. MSSPs can be less expensive than trying to bring all your security needs in-house. MSSPs achieve economies of scale that smaller organizations simply cannot reach.

3. MSSPs offer 24/7 monitoring of your network.

4. In the event there is some type of security incident, the MSSP can provide forensic help determining how the attack happened, what was compromised, and how to avoid being attacked in the future.

So if your company’s security is keeping you up at night, consider using an MSSP, and let those people be the ones losing sleep. That’s what they’re good at.

Tracy Hulver Executive Vice-President for Marketing and Products netForensics Edison, N.J.

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