A number of tools can help you find and manage mentions of your company onlinebacktype.com
WHAT IT DOES: Sends you alerts when a comment is made that includes your company name or brandblogpulse.com
WHAT IT DOES: Searches blogs for mentions of your companyboardreader.com
WHAT IT DOES: Searches message boards, forums, videos, and Twittergoogle.com/alerts
WHAT IT DOES: Sends you alerts when your company or brand appears on the Web, blogs, news, video, or discussion groupsicerocket.com
WHAT IT DOES: Searches blogs, news, Web, MySpace, Twitter, Imagessearch.twitter.com
WHAT IT DOES: Searches for mentions of your brand or company on Twittertweetdeck.com
WHAT IT DOES: Monitors mentions on Twittertechnorati.com
WHAT IT DOES: Searches blogs, photos, and videosReturn to the BWSmallBiz June/July 2009 Table of Contents

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