Swine Flu is Good For Business

Now, we’re not saying any entrepreneur would keep their fingers crossed for a worldwide epidemic of swine flu, but if you happen to be in the business of making hand sanitizer - how cool would that be?

Francine Glick, who runs a small company called Hands2Go in Livingston, N.J., that makes an alcohol-free antibacterial hand cleanser, is in just that position.

She tells me that Monday was just an ordinary day - in fact, she attended a day-long event for Make Mine A Million - but by Tuesday, as news spread of the panic-inducing pandemic, “the phone would not stop ringing. I would put it down and it would ring again.” Orders have come in from Babies-R-Us, Toys-R-Us, Duane Reade and Bed Bath & Beyond (all of whom were existing clients) and now Glick has called in favors with vendors to get products manufactured — and shipped to stores — as fast as possible.

“This is definitely going to take our company to a new level,” says Glick, who just days ago had been hoping to reach $1 million in revenue by year’s end, but now anticipates it. “This is giving a lot of people an opportunity to try our product. It’s a bad situation, but it’s good that they get to try (Hands2Go).”

Business is business, and for Glick - or anyone who makes soap, sanitizer or other antibacterial products - well, it’s time to get hawking. Here’s a story and our own Burt Helm’s blog post on companies doing just that. When even the President is wearing a face mask and imploring citizens to wash hands, it’s a good time to be in hygiene.

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