A funny thing happened while I was working on my book: Practically everyone I talked to either sold their company or got a new job. One of the companies, the market researcher Umbria, got bought by J.D. Power, a division of my own company, McGraw-Hill.

So now that we have that …synergy, J.D. Power is featuring me and The Numerati in a Webinar this Thursday at 1 p.m. eastern. My colleague Burt Helm will be grilling me. We’ll be focusing on how Umbria teaches its machines to read through millions of blog posts every day searching for shifting opinions on everything from toiletries to Barack Obama. Most of what I’ll be discussing comes from my reporting for the “Blogger” chapter. Janet Eden-Harris, a vice president at J.D. Power, will talk about specific campaigns. Please join the call. It’s free.

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