Understand Your Web Site's Marketing Potential

As the economy continues its downward slide and companies slash budgets left and right, marketers are forced to do more with much less. For businesses of all sizes, the Web site can be the most important asset in the marketing arsenal, but it is often underutilized. With today’s user-friendly Web content management systems, even the most nontechnical marketers are able to create, manage, and track Web campaigns with ease.

However, the strategy isn’t quite as simple as, "If you build it, you will succeed." Companies need to be creative and test out new strategies to engage customers and increase sales. While the specific formula is unique to each business, the most effective online marketing campaigns share a few key components:

Make it easy. Over 50% of Web sales are lost because visitors don’t find content that is relevant. Too many companies employ numerous search engine marketing (SEM) campaigns, only to point visitors to the site’s home page, where they might quickly lose interest. Implementing an effective landing page strategy ensures that potential customers find exactly what they want on the first click.

Be specific. Getting users to the appropriate content on your site is half the battle; the next step is showing them what to do once they’re there. Providing a specific call to action—whether it’s a button to buy your product or a link for users to sign up for your newsletter—helps guide visitors through your site and increases your conversion rate.

Don’t be shy. With the abundance of user-generated content on the Web today, many consumers look to feedback from other users to inform their decisions. Encourage your customers to share their feedback and ask permission to use positive reviews on your site. A good testimonial can go a long way toward instilling faith in your business.

Robert Rose Vice-President of Marketing & Strategy CrownPeak Los Angeles

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