MadWorld is what you'd get if you stuck Pink Floyd's The Wall video into the mouth of Quentin Tarantino and pushed play. Almost everything in the game is drawn in black and white, except for the blood red that you'll see lots of. What it lacks in color, it makes up for with style. Players take the reigns of Jack, a broad shouldered maniac who signs up for the Death Watch Competition, an event where thugs kill for sport. Jack starts with a single weapon, a hand-mounted chainsaw that lets players hack opponents apart with the Wii Remote. Driving a street sign through someone's skull, throwing him into a dumpster, wall of spikes or a fan adds to the total score. Enemies grow repetitive, but challenging bosses like Jude the Dude and bike-driving levels keep things from getting dull. In addition, Blood Bath Challenges like Turbinator, where gamers knock several enemies into a spinning plane turbine, ramp up the action. While the enemies lack intelligence and players wrestle with a camera that often points in the wrong direction, they'll have too much fun killing to care. Inventive, reeking with style and soaked with blood, MadWorld should please Wii owners desperate for mature content.

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