Battlefield 1943: A Fun First-Person Shooter

The Battlefield series returns to World War II with a brutal multiplayer video game that lets you play as either a U.S. or Japanese soldier

Battlefield 1943 (set to arrive this summer for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3) marks the series' return to World War II. It's a downloadable first person shooter that plunges you into fast and brutal multiplayer matches with up to 24 players, 12 on each side. Playing as either a U.S. or Japanese soldier, you'll work alongside your team to control flags littered around three enormous maps: Wake Island, Iwo Jima and Guadalcanal.

While not the most feature-packed video game, it's still a fun FPS with plenty of action. Each player begins his or her journey aboard an indestructible battleship that serves as a spawn point. After hopping aboard a fighter plane, they'll soar over the chosen map, either raining hell upon their enemies with gunfire or parachuting into battle. Once on the ground, they can slaughter their adversaries on foot or pilot vehicles like jeeps, tanks and the aforementioned plane; an anti-aircraft gun is also available.

In addition, the game has three unique classes. The Infantryman packs a bazooka, submachine gun and a wrench that comes in handy for repairing things or conking an enemy on the head. Meanwhile, the rifleman decimates bad guys with grenades and a semi-automatic rifle. Finally, the Scout picks gamers off with his sniper rifle.

Thanks to developer DICE's Frostbite Engine, the same technology that powers Battlefield Bad Company, this game features destructible environments. With the right weapon, you'll tear chunks from buildings (eventually reducing them to rubble) and rip through trees. You can even slip inside a bomber shack and control three warplanes in formation, waiting until the last second to drop their destructive payload and send everyone sky high. Thanks to the game's attractive graphics, with lots of trees, houses and explosive barrels, the ensuing carnage looks even more rewarding.

1943 features regenerating health instead of random health pack, something that'll probably cause players to retreat instead of running into a fight guns blazing. In addition, the weapons have unlimited ammunition and you can opt to re-spawn wherever you like, an option that'll let you quickly get back into the fight.

After playing Battlefield 1943, we cannot wait to check out the final version. EA and DICE have thus far delivered an easy to get into and thoroughly enjoyable shooter that'll quickly become one of the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3's most popular games. Look for it this summer.

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