Hewlett-Packard CMO Michael Mendenhall Wants A Corporate Version of Twitter

I thought this was interesting: Hewlett-Packard Chief Marketing Officer Michael Mendenhall thinks famously un-monetized Twitter should make money by selling an enterprise version of its software. Companies would use it for internal communications. During a quick chat this afternoon at the 4A’s Media Conference and Trade Show in New Orleans, he told me he’d love to use a version of the software within HP. “Keeping employees posted in such a dynamic market, like we have today, is so important,” he said. “Twitter is real time. No internal communications today is real time.” Mendenhall said he could imagine paying for a private, firewalled version of the social-networking software to help with crisis management, dispersing company news, and staying connected with HP’s sales force.

I think he may be onto something. I’ve been on Twitter since the fall, and I didn’t really start using it until a few weeks ago, when I found it was great for staying on top of topics related to work. It’s been pretty useless for my social life.

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