How you succeed is every bit as important as what you achieve. In recent decades we have mortgaged the "how" to get quick wins—tremendous value was placed on consumption and cashing in. Although the global economic and environmental tab for this approach is still being counted in the red, it comes with an opportunity for learning. Reshape your idea of achieving to include how success can be reached while making a positive impact on others and the global community, even if it’s a modest one. What changes might that mean for you and your organization? Answer that and you create sustainability, the ultimate long-term win.

Self-coaching questions:

a. In what ways are my current definitions of achieving aligned with my values?

b. In what ways are my current definitions of achieving aiding others, and making—or failing to make—a positive impact on my community?

c. Given the answer to the above two questions, what changes can I make that will result in a more positive impact on others?

David Peck Executive Coach and President Leadership Unleashed Palm Springs, Calif.

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