What do people buy in a severe recession that feels like a depression? Well, they buy iPhones (not as many but still lots). They buy Wii. And they buy Kindles. Each is a platform, that is delivers great experiences and information, modestly priced ($300-$400 seems the sweet spot) and easy to use.

Kindle 1 was controversial in terms of design but great in terms of delivery over the net and sold super-well. Now comes Kindle 2 that is better designed, easier to use, same modest price and same great over-the-net delivery. From Amazon no less.

The screen is bigger and faster, the controls are better designed and displayed, it holds 7 times more than its predecessor and perhaps best of all, Kindle 2 talks to you in three speech rates (my blind friends get these super-fast voice downloads on the phone every morning on news and professionally stuff, setting them up for the day—i always wanted this).

This is very good stuff.

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