Not much happening at the blog on the site. Got a blog, gotta blog.

Here’s a comment for the blog—I noticed (and so did Paul Krugman) that not all that much money was allocated to mass transit in the economic stimulus package put forth by President Obama.

Here is one suggestion. Trolleys for Santa Fe. New Mexico Governor Richardson got a light rail line built between Albuquerque and Santa Fe. It’s a beauty that opened in December and is always packed with people who work in Santa Fe and live in the less expensive Albuquerque. It takes hundreds of cars off the road and saves hugely on energy.

The train takes you to the Railroad District of Santa Fe—and then nothing. A trolley system that connects all the districts of the town, including the Railroad District which is a booming art gallery area now, is exactly what Santa Fe needs. Taxis are hard to come by. Parking is terrible. There are few buses.

Portland, Oregon has a fantastic trolley system. Hop on, hop off and pay nada. It is packed with folks who don’t have to take their cars. Santa Fe needs a trolley system too.

That’s green mass transit for you. Any other ideas out there?

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