TV Show King Party is a fictional game show that tests your trivia skills against three other players, either human or computer controlled. Stocked with more than 3,000 questions spread across eight categories, and thanks to a wheel that may award or take away cash, everyone has an opportunity to win. Although we enjoyed its glamorous presentation, its animated host and the ability to play as our Miis, the game has some issues. Multiple-choice questions are fine, but the game displays everyone's answer and kills the anticipation. In addition, the Wii remote mini-games that force you to scratch off answers or shine a light on them don't enhance the experience, nor does the disproportionate amount of money awarded in the final round; you could screw up most of the way and still outscore the competition by $100,000. These problems notwithstanding, TV Show King Party is still one of the Wii's best trivia games, but we recommend that you pick up the downloadable WiiWare version instead for a mere $10.

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