In Prince of Persia, you control a mysterious stranger (a new guy, not the Prince from previous games) who partners with a magical babe named Elika, to stop the evil Ahriman. He's an evil life force freed from captivity, threatening to cover the world in darkness. The Prince and his sidekick traverse through levels, running across walls and swinging around strategically-placed poles, pausing to fight enemies using a combination of the Prince's sword and Elika's Earth-based magic. (For instance, she can jump on teleportation pads to help the Prince move to an otherwise inaccessible area.) The cel-shaded art style adds a certain mystical quality to the entire game, from the characters to the detailed vistas that make up the game's open environment. The in-game dialogue and music are great, too. Rather than useless filler, they actually provide heft to the atmosphere and storyline. This adventure ends sooner than expected (10-12 hours), with very little replay value outside of Elika's upgrades and some cool bonus costumes. Aside from that, it's a mesmerizing journey, one that's worth savoring every single moment you play.

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