This blog has previously held up Fox’s Sean Hannity for what he is: a circus clown. But last night, in post-debate chatter [The McCain-Obama debate in Nashville, TN], Hannity took his act to new heights of absurdity when he referred to himself as a “journalist” in a discussion with Barack Obama strategist Robert Gibbs.

Gibbs effectively neutralized Hannity’s carping about a conflated relationship between Obama and 60s radical William Ayers that has become a talking point for the McCain campaign this week. Ayers has been a hobby horse of Hannity’s for over a year. As Gibbs deftly points out, Hannity turns to gas-bags and partisans with anti-semitic ravings in their writings to make his points for him.

In one of Hannity’s Hannity and Colmes telecasts, he referred to himself as a McCain surrogate.

Tricky example of “Fair and Balanced” to be both a “journalist” and an admitted “surrogate.”

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