The Beltway’s hard-working think tanks — purveyors of white-papers on everything from the defense industry to macroeconomics — spend the election season supplying a relentless stream of talking heads and talking points to the 24-hour punditry cycle. Funny thing, despite facing off for countless rounds on Fox and CNN, neither side ever seems to win.

No — wait — this just in! We hear the Center for American Progress won a decisive victory yesterday against the Heritage Foundation.

More specifically, the Supply Sliders -- one of two softball teams fielded by Heritage -- were trounced 17-8 by the Leftfielders, representing CAP, seen at left after the big moment. Along its path to victory, the Leftfielders bested the Axis of Eagle (Eagle Publishing) and the Outliers (Urban Institute).

In a statement, Leftfielders coaches Anne Shoup and Adam Jentleson called the win "not just a victory for CAP and the Leftfielders, but for America. Last night's result showed with clarity and certitude that the progressive vision represents the future of this country, and the failed conservative policies of the last 8 years will soon be relegated to the past."

Brian Darling, one of Heritage's coaches, at first called yesterday "a terrible day in Heritage history," noting that the foundation's teams had won the league each year of its existence (about four). But soon after he emailed this statement: “Although we did not have as many recorded runs as the Center for American Progress in the game last night, we demand a recount of the final score and if the recount does not come out as expected, we petition the Department of Treasury to bail us out of this loss with some needed runs. We are too big to fail.”

Heritage may have been a victim of its own success. Able to field two teams, the Heritage Tools (aka Capitalist Tools) had beat the Leftfielders a couple of times earlier in the season. Then the Sliders knocked their fellow righties out of the running, setting the stage for their loss to the Leftfielders. Darling was gracious about it, but the Heritage Softball blog was still crowing about a squeaker the Tools won against CAP in June.

You can catch the Think Tank League (motto: "Smart People Playing (poorly)") and its four divisions -- the Bull Moose, Free Soil, Greenbacks, and Whigs -- in action at , or at photographer Andrew Blasko's site. And here's an NPR blogger's take on the Think Tank League, from earlier in the season.

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