Kenji Hall, a colleague of mine in Japan, wrote an interesting story about Mixi, the social network in Japan that’s basically cleaning MySpace and Facebook’s clocks in terms of popularity. It’s popular because the founder was quick to spot the social networking craze and because the service is a clean well lighted place. A commenter also notes that Boing Boing and TechCrunch have written about the success of its mobile strategy.

But what caught my attention was that the company’s making pretty good money for its size. Hall writes that Mixi has 15 million total members. That’s dwarfed of course by MySpace’s 122 million.

But here’s what’s interesting. For the fiscal year ended March 2008, Mixi posted revenues of $88 million. By comparison, for the fiscal year ended June 2008, MySpace had sales of $606 million, estimates Goldman Sachs. So Mixi is making $5.87 a person, while MySpace is making $4.97. Not bad, for a company I frankly had never paid attention to.

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