T. Boone Pickens’ ads promoting wind and natural gas vehicles in the U.S. have been a fixture on MSNBC, Fox and CNN political shows and this week during convention coverage.

But the Texas oil man’s latest ad won’t, at least for now, be run on the cable channel.

According to Pickens, the offending passage of the script, cited by MSNBC, is this: “Get this one, Iran is changing its cars to run on natural gas, and we’re not doing a thing here, They’re doing this to use less oil, and sell it for a hundred and twenty dollars a barrel. We can switch our cars to natural gas and stop sending our dollars to foreign countries.”

MSNBC hasn’t said yet why it objects to the passage. To my view, it doesn’t seem partisan or controversial in any way. In fact, Pickens could have also cited the fact that Saudi Arabia has been making huge investments in solar power for its domestic energy consumption for the same reason Iran is investing in natural gas.

Pickens was a primary funder and booster of the 2004 Swiftboat ads against Dem. nominee John Kerry. But so far, the billionaire has sat this election out as far as funding 529 groups and ads. His past, though, undoubtedly draws suspicion from network standards offices.

Pickens has also said that while he is boosting investment in wind power, he doesn’t want windmills on his own huge sprawling Texas ranch because he finds them ugly. In other words, he was against wind power before he was for it.

In any case, I’m betting that MSNBC lets the ad go within the next 48 hours.

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