I will continue posting more cash asset allocation plans this week. As a reminder, advisers were asked how they would invest $1 million for an investor with a one-year time horizon.

I especially liked this advice from Mike Saghy, director of investments for PNC Wealth Management in Pittsburgh. Saghy split this portfolio among aggressive and conservative ideas, putting 55% in growth-oriented products and 45% in value-oriented products.

$300,000 T. Rowe Price Short-Term Bond Fund, yielding 4.12% $250,000 Vanguard Stable Value Fund, available only to institutional investors, yielding 4.54% $100,000 AMTrust Direct 12-month CD, yielding 4.21% $50,000 Greystone Bank CD, yielding 4% $100,000 6-month EverBank Commodity Index CD, yielding 5.58% $200,000 Touchstone Institutional Money Market Fund, yielding 2.49%

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