Britain's Prime Minister, Twitter, and the G8

I’ve been following Gordon Brown’s Twitter feed for a while. Ever since Jeff Jarvis mentioned that none other than the Prime Minister of the UK was Twittering as 10 Downing Street.

But I’ve really enjoyed this week, with Brown Twittering about the G8 meetings. It’s kind of like someone Twittering from within the Oscars ceremony or a UN security council meeting—you see all the photos from the outside but have no idea what it’s like to walk the halls.

A few of my favorites

No10 has found a cure for jetlag - work for 12 hours right after a 24 hr journey. Toyako is hazy today.

PM and Bush wave to excited hotel staff after a family photo while Berlusconi and Sarkozy blow kisses - the kitchen ladies seemed thrilled!

PM in meeting of major economies’ leaders, about 22 PMs and heads at this one and a total media scrum - water went crashing somewhere

G8 document released regarding the outcome of today’s meeting on the world economy led by the PM (with a link)

Oh yeah, and beyond Twittering, they set up a microsite for the G8 meetings. Is it helping Brown’s incredible low ratings at home? Who knows and certainly just embracing technology isn’t going to make folks at home happy. But it provides a great insight into the business of being PM.

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