What Sport Sounds Better On The Radio Than Baseball? Well . . .

BusinessWeek skips an issue around the 4th of July, which is why things have been verrrrrry quiet around here lately.

That and seasonal indolence, this being summertime in the great Northeast. I was actually born in Texas, as anyone who talks to me notices immediately. (Or not.) But I grew up in the suburbs of New Jersey. And there is a certain ambient hum I associate with the summer evenings ‘round these parts—light breezes shushing through leafy trees, crickets, and, somewhere off in the distance, a radio tuned low to a baseball game.

I am not much of a sports sentimentalist--not much of a sports fan at all, these days. But the sound of baseball on the radio—-and the way its drawn out rhythms echo those of this season itself--is so inextricably part of my summertime sense-memory that I assumed that far baseball has to be the most popular sport on radio. By far.

This is the danger of drawing assumptions from one's own personal experience. Because it ain’t so. The following bit comes from a survey that hit the inbox today, which was conducted by Ipsos Public Affairs for a radio trade group--a poll presumably conducted during baseball season at that:

Three out of four Americans (75%) say they have a favorite sport to listen to on the radio. Among them, 30 percent say they prefer football, while 25 percent choose baseball.

I know, I know, football long ago eclipsed baseball as the nation’s most popular sport. But, man. If baseball can’t even beat football on radio, there’s no place it can win.

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