Wanted: Reverse Tech Mentor

Shameful confession: There are a lot of contemporary gadgets and technology with which I am not familiar. I’m still figuring out what to do about my old CDs, I bought a VHS tape to record something the other day, and I swear that before the month is over I will break down and get a BlackBerry (a vow I have made before).

What has held me back is the burden of having to not just learn new things but learn about them so I can make smart decisions. Which digital camera? What model BlackBerry? I really need someone sweet, patient Gen Y-er to help me along. (Are you reading this, Doug or Oriana?)

Have any of you bright young things helped any Gen Xers or Boomers learn the ropes of Facebook? Have any of you non-Millennials had to ask your younger staff to teach you the ways of the digital world? Please let me know your experiences, either way.

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