Whether you are marketing an existing product or introducing a new product into an existing space, you need to present the "whole product." Not just the primary product offering, but all of the secondary services and offerings that a buyer may look at when considering your offering.

Marketing the whole product is not just about creating a new gadget, technology, or service and then getting into your space, but it is about presenting everything to the buyer that is necessary to define, support, and drive them to take action.

The concept of presenting the whole product is sometimes overlooked when trying to get to market quickly or when presenting a new offering in an established space. You are well on your way to delivering the whole product to buyers if you can answer the basics to some of these questions:

• Who is your primary buyer and why?

• What are the top three "Why to buy?" messages that you want to deliver to the market?

• What are the top three to five features you want to emphasize and why?

• What is the differentiation positioning of your offering?

• How does your product compete and compare against other offerings in the marketplace?

• How is your company going to support the product?

• What is your company’s discount structure for multiple purchases?

• What is your return or cancellation policy?

• Is the offering itself or the services around the offering more important?

• Finally, if you were to buy this offering from a competitor, what questions would you want to have answered before you paid good money for it?

R. Dean Taylor Vice-President for Marketing & Channel Development COMPLETExRM Salt Lake City

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