For the past month or so, we have been asking you to go to and vote on your most vexing problems at work. Almost 2,000 of you either made selections from a list of 11 topics we compiled or offered an idea of your own. Now, with your contributions in hand and your votes as a guide, we have winnowed that list to six topics—from work-life balance and time management to dealing with generational tension—that will form the basis of a month-long discussion (in blog form) on our Web site. Besides editors who specialize in managing and workplace issues, we have asked a number of experts and wise people to take part in the discussion. That vibrant exchange, plus essays and case studies you write, will appear in mid-August in a Special Double Issue of the magazine, on BusinessWeek TV, and at If you haven't done so already, I encourage you to take part in this groundbreaking collaboration by going here. The workplace is being transformed swiftly and dramatically, and you can help find real solutions to complex problems that always accompany such wrenching change. I see this as part of an ongoing BusinessWeek effort to help our readers—and ourselves—work smarter.

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