This may be getting as tiresome and anticlimactic as American Idol, but… That rewrite of the blog cover story we’ve been talking about for ages is finally in print. Turned out we had to write an entirely new story; we couldn’t just reprint the original article and attach fixes, as we did online. We will not bother with this thing again—at least for the next three years. I promise. But thanks to everyone who helped out on this one, both on this blog and on Twitter.

Also, here’s a story about how IBM is building and using social media inside the company. For those who have some extra time on a Friday afternoon, check out this IBM site, It’s a place where you can upload all kinds of data, from excel spread sheets to unstructured text. You can use their tools to visualize it, and then share with friends. Here’s the tag cloud of my notes from the IBM interviews.

One more thing. If you see the embedded video on the cover story, you might wonder about that band-aid on my cheek. I had a squamous cell carcinoma, which was excised last week. They say it’s nothing to worry about. But a reminder to all: Slather on plenty of sunscreen this Memorial Day weekend, and the rest of the summer.

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