Supposedly some American Idol fans are kvetching that Fox ran the finale overtime by two minutes, leaving DVR watchers without the final announcement of who won.

It’s not like this was a first. Fox has been running the show over by two minutes for most or all of the season. For AI watchers who are wise to it, and also tape the next show, it’s no problem. Also, for those of who usually watch it time-shifted by 20 minutes or so, it is no problem. For the two-hour show, we time-shifted by 45 minutes in my house, which was just enough, it seemed, to catch up to the real-time telecast with about ten minutes to go. We blew through the commercials and pointless drivel…including 80% of David Archuletta’s performances.

Research shows there is actually very little activity of consumers taping and watching AI another day. John Felice, marketing manager at Ford, an AI sponsor, says that’s because people want to know who got eliminated the same night. So, about 10% of AI watchers time-shift the way I do.

In any case, there was a good ending to AI. Most of the pundits and judges thought Archuletta, whose future seems to be in either playing the title role of Annie on Broadway or as a Christian rock performer on the prayer meeting circuit, was a lock to beat the would-be rocker David Cook. Voters came through and made the sane pick.

The downside? Now, Hillary Clinton has another longshot analogy to cite in speeches when she explains why she is still in the race for the Democratic nomination. The New York Giants analogy was wearing thin.

Here is what AI time shifters saw:

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